NUORI: New Brand of the Year

'NUORI sets new and forward-thinking standards for how skincare is created and marketed, but the brand also places new and high demands on the consumer.

NUORI stands for transparency, freshness, and openness about production and sourcing while providing the consumer with the visible results and well-being. The judges are proud on behalf of NUORI.'

- The Jury, Danish Beauty Award

In 2016, shortly after the launch of our brand, NUORI won the prominent New Brand of the Year award at Danish Beauty Award. Jasmi Bonnén, Founder of NUORI, recalls the excitement of winning this particular award:

‘We were exceptionally honored and proud to have been awarded the ‘New Brand of The Year’ prize. Just nine months after the launch, this award marked a significant milestone for our young brand and showed us that our unique freshness concept was not such a crazy idea after all’.


Every year, key players within the cosmetics industry compete to win the prestigious awards. The event is highly renowned and attracts the attention of press - national and international - as well as supplies, retailers, and many other influential people in the beauty world. The Danish Beauty Award jury consists of 13 highly qualified, impartial judges, all with unique, in-depth knowledge and competences within the beauty industry.

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