Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips

As the seasons change, our skin is susceptible to changes too. Once temperatures drop, does your skin feel chronically undernourished? Or does the transition from summer to winter leave your skin irritated, dry, itchy, and blotchy? It is completely natural for our skin to react to temperature and humidity changes.

The good news is that just by making small changes to your skincare routine, you can enjoy healthy skin through the cold winter months. Generally making a switch to more natural beauty products during this harsh season will also pay off, since natural formulas are gentler and have a closer affinity with the skin.

Here are our tips for radiant, plump, and happy winter skin.


If your skin was happy with a foamy, soap-like cleanser in the summer, you may want to switch to a creamy, more skin-protecting cleansing milk in the winter. Some soap-based foamy cleansers can strip the skin of protective lipids, leaving it more prone to drying and irritation.

NUORI’s Protect+ Cleansing Milk contains avocado oil, botanical glycerin, and bioactivated lipids derived from shea butter that restore and hydrate the skin and protect from collagen breakdown. With no heavy residue, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed, comforted, and elastic.

We recommend wiping or washing off the cleanser but take care not to use very warm water that can dry out to the skin. This is also true for the skin on the body so no matter how tempting a hot shower may feel on a cold day, try sticking to moderate temperatures for your skin’s sake.


We all want to get the most out of the precious skincare products we use. But if the surface of your skin is covered by a layer of dead skin cells, your skincare will sit on top of your skin instead of penetrating it.

Exfoliate the skin with a gentle product will boost cellular turnover and make sure that your skincare can absorb. Your skin will also get a healthy glow when fresher layers of the skin are unveiled.

Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week – for example using our Supreme Polishing Treatment that allows you to blend the two components, a creamy Enzyme Complex, and a Powder Booster, in your preferred ratio. This is a highly effective, yet gentle, exfoliating treatment that effectively removes impurities and lifts away dead skin cells without damaging the skin barrier nor causing irritation.

The Enzyme base contains fermented acerola cherry that inhibits the production of melanin pigments, botanical squalane, and shea butter, that nourish and protect the skin while preventing moisture loss. Oat kernel extract fortifies cell membranes, and the anti-inflammatory properties calm and comfort the skin.

The Powder Booster is a blend of perfectly spherical jojoba beads, rice powder, and finely grained aloe vera that gently exfoliate without causing any micro-tears or irritation in the underlying epidermis.


Could your skin use a little more nourishment? Here are three ways of adding an extra layer of care to your routine.

A nourishing oil, for example, Perfecting Facial Oil, used under your cream will dial up the level of nourishment – use just a few drops, massaging it in on moist skin, and then apply your moisturizer on top. Our facial oil is rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, that rejuvenate and nourish the skin, absorbing into the skin quickly, leaving a dewy, fresh glow.

A hydrating serum, such as Vital Repair Serum layered under your face cream morning and/or night for calm and deeply hydrated skin. While it delivers intense hydration, it will also calm your skin and reduce inflammation – perfect if your skin is irritated from the dry, cold winter air.

A moisture mask, for example, Supreme Moisture Mask, 1-2 times a week can also be a skin savior in the colder months, boosting the skin’s moisture level and making it more resistant to outside aggressors. A good face mask will protect from moisture loss, strengthen the skin’s barrier function, and restore the moisture level making fine lines disappear.


Frequent applications of good hand cream will protect skin, cuticles, and nails from drying out in the cold. NUORI’s Vital Hand Cream with grape seed and almond oils, squalane and shea butter, as well vitamin E and white tea extract, is a great choice for anyone wanting to protect their hands against premature aging.

Remember always to wear gloves in cold weather and to protect your hands while cleaning and doing the dishes. Keep a tube of hand cream on your bedside table and give your hands a loving massage at night. A good cream will work wonders overnight on your hands and give them time to heal after the day’s frequent hand washing and chores.

Scrutinize the ingredients of your hand soap, if you suffer from dry and cracked hands. Make sure you are using the gentlest hand soap you can find - ideally a sulfate-free product made with mild plant-based ingredients, such as our Enriched Hand & Body Wash.

For that little bit extra luxury: pamper your hands with your face exfoliator and face mask – we promise you will see and feel the difference!


The lips are very prone to dryness and chapping in cold weather. Resist licking your lips or picking at chapped lips, as it will make matters worse and healing time longer.

Moisturize your lips with a good lip care product containing natural oils and a natural kind of butter and apply generously every time you go outside.

If you have cracked lips, or if your lips chap easily, remember to apply a generous layer of lip balm before going to bed. Prevention is key.

Matte and long-wear lipsticks can dry lips out, so we suggest swapping them with tinted lip balms for caring daily glamour. We love a little understated color, shimmer & shine! Explore our CopenhagenNew York or Venice tinted Lip Treats.

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