NUORI Destinations: Eva Balsner, Founder of A Door

Located in the heart of Copenhagen’s trendy Vesterbro, A Door was founded by entrepreneur Eva Balsner in 2016. The charming atmosphere of this petite boutique encourages its customers to explore and discover the unexpected. We met the owner Eva on an October morning over freshly brewed coffee (yes, she offers that in her store too!) for a chat about A Door, her journey, and how she likes to unwind.

Eva has always been an avid traveler. After visiting New York and Melbourne and their abundance of small boutiques, each with its unique, personal vibe, she felt that something was missing in the lifestyle retail scene in Copenhagen. That’s when the idea for A Door was conceived.

After an initial turn around A Door you’ll notice that all brands and products are carefully handpicked. And it’s clear that the concept behind A Door carries an effortless sense of curatorial verve, one that subscribes to the notion of Scandinavia’s “slow living” – something we could all take note off more often.

The mission of A Door is: "We embrace and celebrate slow living. We’re inspired by journeys and everyday life. The precious moments of calm, beauty and fun. The appreciation of oneself, people and the planet. The joy of noticing a delicate detail and the comfort found in tactile design. Choose well – make it last." All very akin to the NUORI philosophy and why we are truly excited to be featured in A Door.

Eva's self-care ritual

Being from Esbjerg in Jutland, I’ve grown up having access to water and nature. I love living in Copenhagen but find that I crave the stillness and serenity nature has. So, one of my moments of relaxation very much comes from going out in nature and visiting my summer house. Even a few hours will do.

Favorite NUORI products

Vital Eye Cream is a must in my daily regimen. Especially when kept in the fridge as the cooling effect helps depuff under the eyes.

Supreme Moisture Mask is another favorite. Its ease of use – it comes on clear and can be left on for just 15 minutes or overnight – gives such great hydration to my skin. A great tool for the very cold and rough winter months here in Denmark.

Visit A Door at Istedgade 101, København V. Normal opening hours: 11am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays 11am to 3pm.

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