Jem Juthamat is a digital content creator, product stylist, and social media marketing influencer from Australia. On her Instagram page @juthamat_by_jem she shares her ideas about beautiful house interior, favorite skincare products, as well as tips and tricks for perfecting a skincare routine and cultivating self-love.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (and your skin of course).

My name is Jem and I’m a proud mum of two kids. I work part-time at an independent jewelry store owned by a lovely family. I have my own business as a content creator and am a co-founder of "Jem and Bianca Interiors".

My life is always on the go, so when I find a bit of time for myself, I love to paint, watch a movie or treat my skin by giving it the ultimate pampering session.

My skin is always changing, and I love to change up my natural beauty products depending on the season, the time of the month, when I’ve been stressing out a lot, lack of sleep, and indulging in foods and drinks I shouldn’t have too much of. My skin is generally normal, yet I’m conscious of what skincare products I apply to my face.

2. When did you start getting interested in skincare

I’ve always been into skincare ever since I was a little girl. I would sometimes watch my mum and how she cared for her skin.

After my first child was born, I took more of an interest in skincare routine. As with most women after their pregnancy, we physically go through a lot of changes including our skin. In my spare time, I would research and look up ways how to nurture myself internally and externally.

3. Name one skincare ingredient you can't get enough of at the moment.

If I could only name one… it would have to be hyaluronic acid. Before I started using it, I noticed my skin constantly looked and felt a bit dehydrated and tired. It lacked that healthy glow.

4. What’s the one thing you wished you learned sooner, in regards to skincare?

I wish I learned to not use skincare products containing harsh alcohol. I wish I learned that over-cleansing my face was stripping away important oils and harming the protection layers of my skin.

5. Do you have any lifestyle habits that have a positive impact on your skin?

I do have some. I always make sure my skin is cleaned and prepped before bedtime. I drink a glass of warm water with lime juice in it and I would give my face a massage now and then every week.

6. What makes you feel beautiful (besides skincare)?

I feel beautiful when I care for myself internally, giving it the right nutrition. I love to do some form of exercise as well to help me feel beautiful. But overall, just being grateful for the body I live in regardless of the flaws.

7. How would you get ready for a party in 5 min?

For my hair, I would sleek it back and tie it into a low bun. I would make sure my skin is moisturized before putting on foundation, blush, a bit of liner, mascara, fill in my brows, and apply tinted lip gloss. I always love reaching for my gold, hoop earrings to finish off the look.

8. What are your top 3 beauty tips for our readers?

My first tip is never to use skincare products containing fragrance if you have sensitive skin. Number two, vitamin C only works best on its own. I would apply vitamin C before anything else and let it fully absorb into the skin for up to 10 minutes until using any other products. Number three is the most common and well-known tip of all, and that is to drink lots of water, preferably alkaline water or filtered water.

9. What is your favorite NUORI product, and why?

I love the Vital Unifier as it can be used as a toner, refreshing mist, and can be used to fix makeup. Not only that, but it also contains amazing ingredients that care for the skin like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, white tea extract, licorice root, and chamomile flower. It helps to smooth, calm, hydrate, and combats redness and irritation.

10. How would you spend your perfect spa day at home?

It would definitely be using products that really benefit my skin and breathing in relaxing scents from essential oils. Candles are a must as it creates a calming ambiance. One last thing would be putting on some soothing music.

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